Let’s All Be Like Ariana Grande – And Dump Little Petey Davidson

We wouldn’t even be bothering with such things except:

1) The news feeds have been screaming all over this for too long, and;

2) Now, the “Little Petey Davidson” story is falsely being framed as a Mental Health Story.


A mediocre talent on a mediocre “Saturday Night Live,” Pete Davidson’s latest bid for self-pity was some self-serving Instagram post where – like most children on social media crying out for attention – he went off making vague claims about his loose grip on mortality. Then claiming(!) how he’s only on God’s Green Earth to Bring Peace To The World, feed the hungry, house the homeless, bring joy to the miserable and help Tiny Tim to walk again.  All this as a supposed comedian whose singular claim is ridiculing injured war vets and dying his hair unnatural colors (again, if you don’t have talent, dye your hair, get tatts, dress yourself in beefsteaks).

“I really don’t want to be on this earth anymore. I’m doing my best to stay here for you but i actually don’t know how much longer i can last. all i’ve ever tried to do was help people,”

– Pete Davidson

And how’s this clarion call from Davidson for positive mental health discussions when it comes to willfully dysfunctional uber-millionaires who care more about self-aggrandizement than theirs or other’s mental health…?

“Bravo Kanye West for standing up for yourself and speaking out against mental health,” Davidson wrote. “I can’t explain to you enough how difficult and scary it is to be honest about stuff like this. We need people like Kanye. No one should ever point fingers at you for your bravery in speaking about mental health. I’m seriously disgusted.”

-Pete Davidson

Yes. Little Petey thinks Kanye is the Oprah Winfrey of Mental Health Awareness.

See what happens when the media and all the little people followers start taking this stuff seriously?

Disagree? Well, over ten years viewing Trump on “The Apprentice” convinced millions of Americans he was a hell of a businessman who could turn the USA into a finely oiled, well-tuned running machine.


The sheer stupidity of celebrities and the proliferation of Celebrity Culture is a major corruption on America right now. The major media corporations driving this force want to keep Americans distracted and unfocused. Meanwhile, they form bigger multi-nationals, spend billions on the politicians in Washington getting laws passed that benefit themselves while Americans stare eyes-abuzzed at their screens at the newest newest newest newest next next next next next next hottest hottest hottest hottest hottest…..


Meanwhile, news reports loudly and proudly proclaimed record voter turnout for these past 2018 midterm elections.

About 48%.

Yeah. Less than half of eligible voters.

Gosh. And they call us the World’s Greatest Democracy?

Less than half of eligible voters.

Guess the rest were too busy checking out about Ariana, Pete, the Whatever Sisters, Dancing With The Whoozit, I’m An Off-Key-Singing Wannabe and on and on and on….


PS: Apparently, a good chunk of our kindly thinking Americans need to get their politics fed to them through the juvenile sieve that is “Saturday Night Live,” as if reading the New York Times doesn’t validate their Reality. They need a children’s spin on Real World Issues to digest them properly.

That explains a lot.

It’s the Year 2018 and people have devolved to the point of laughing a “poo” jokes.

No wonder multi-nationals see Americans as nothing more than product fodder. The masses can’t think for themselves. The corporations will tell them what they think is funny.

And SNL – That is, NBCUniversal – That is, Comcast – The 2nd biggest media company IN THE WORLD –

……thinks poo-poo is funny.

So America laughs at SNL……and poo-poo.



Pipe Bombs And Murdered Journalists: The American President Is A Terrorist

The sleeper cells of American President Donald Trump’s terror organizations are now woke (in the speak) and have spoke. The pipe bombs are flowing. All moving toward their Trump-directed targets – his supposed enemies, the liberals and the media.

Trump has been on an incendiary cross country war campaign firing up his crazed, flag waving followers and they have responded in ways he could have only fantasized about in a luxury Moscow hotel room surrounded by urinating prostitutes and Vlad Putin’s not-so-hidden blackmail cameras.

Meanwhile, on the international front, Madmen Rulers, with the backing of a thuggish US President, are murdering journalists and cutting them up with bone saws in their consulates, then playing courtyard games while the world and the media twiddle their thumbs.


And the Blood Red Republican Warhawks still squawk and squawk on about Obama’s mistake on his Red Line in Syria…Oh, the Good Ol’ Days of Yore…

CNN/Wolf Blitzer Take A Crap On Anthony Bourdain

For those of us who were faithful followers of Anthony Bourdain it was shocking to hear of his suicide today. Shocking, but – if you’ve watched him over the years  – certainly not a bolt from the blue. The guy was complicated.

When his long-running “No Reservations” ended and he made the leap to CNN, it seemed like he was heading into respectability.

The problem? Bourdain doesn’t belong in the respectability business.


Now, just after his suicide, CNN has shown what an ass-crack network they really are.

Friday’s “Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer – the beaver in a blue suit – exploded the memory of Anthony Bourdain by having a talking head psychotherapist attempt to pry into Bourdain’s brain, dissing his death.

What an outrage. (Of course, Bourdain would have seen the entire thing as an absurd exercise and is probably laughing somewhere in the 5th or 6th dimensions right now.)

This talking head with no reason to exist except to be propped in front of a camera and move her mouth Lise Van Susteren expounded on all sorts of things she knew nothing about. Might as well have read out loud the Wikipedia page on suicide.

Then, to crap on Bourdain even more, she makes him just one of all suicides and does it all under a huge banner screen with the 800 suicide hotline number.

Really. Does any goddamn person who knows Bourdain even think a blink he wouda called a suicide prevention hotline?

Jesus fly a kite.

Anthony, we’ll miss you, but we won’t forget you.

And we’ll blaspheme that rinky dink pissant outfit CNN that you made the mistake of hanging out with at the end.


Washington Press Swallows Crap From Trump But Goes Ballistic Over Michelle Wolf Hits

All of America has grown sick of the twisted lies of Trump’s Press rep Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Except for The New York Times. Their Maggie Haberman defended the indefensible Sanders. Why?

Because she was rightfully skewered by comedian Michelle Wolf during the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night.

And what might have brought out all of the major media players across the political spectrum to condemn comedian Wolf and threaten to forever close the Dinner?

Wolf had the audacity to drag NBC, CNN, Fox, MSNBC and many others over the coals for the way they have abandoned their principles and instead decided to lap at the big table of corporate profits in their coverage of this Disaster that is The Trump Presidency.

Has anyone else held these now clownish media presenters up to the ridicule they deserve? No. Until now, we have media from The Right and The Left simply railing at each other as if THEY REPRESENT THE REAL INTERESTS OF ALL AMERICANS.

The only interest the Major Media outlets care about is to stir up conflict after conflict till they have Americans as mad as rabid dogs.

That way, they have to choose sides – or rather, choose networks  – and let the wars rage on.

This is no way to run a country.

The Fourth Estate. That was the esteemed title given to the media hundreds of years ago in regard to its importance keeping the government in check.

At this point in history, The Fourth Estate is a house of cards ready to collapse under the bluster of their blowhard inhabitants.

Al Franken Delivers Speech Worthy Of Capra, Shaming Fellow Shameless Democrats

America Take Note: On the same day America’s Democratic Leadership forced Sen. Al Franken to resign without regard to reason or due process, they also embraced and through their entire support behind the Criminal Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey whose federal corruption trial just ended in a hung jury.

This will be missed by most news outlets.


Sen. Al Franken stood at the podium of the senate chamber today and delivered the most significant political speech of 2017.

The crime is that Franken’s history-making speech was forced upon him by the McCarthyist Democratic Party Leadership without any regard for America or Americans.

Franken’s speech spelled out the values of leadership that have been totally absent from any political party existent in this country or any other in recent memory.

Franken spelled out what exactly our elected officials are supposed to do: Serve their people and their country.

Franken referred again and again to deceased Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota to underscore the values he held dear and that have been abandoned now entirely by the Democratic dinosaurs who run the party as cynically as Donald Trump runs rampant over the rule of law.


America is at a Crossroad now. Citizens look for leadership in times of crisis.

At this point in time, the Schumer’s, the Pelosi’s, the Warren’s are running like junkyard dogs grabbing hold of their little scraps of power while America careens toward collapse thanks to the corruption of Donald Trump.

And those Democratic Leaders just threw Al Franken under the bus on their own trips to hell.

Spacey Surprise? “An Open Secret” Film Revealed Hollywood’s Underbelly, Till Hollywood Shut It Down

First Harvey Weinstein. Then came Kevin Spacey and his habits.

Should the world be outraged when Hollywood insiders all respond with “it was an open secret?”

A few years ago Oscar-nominated filmmaker Amy Berg released her well-reviewed documentary “An Open Secret” about a particularly nefarious den of Hollywood pedophiles with connections to very big figures in the industry.

And…Hollywood killed it.


Try to find references to “An Open Secret.” It’s unavailable on video.

When those in power in Hollywood do not want you to know their secrets – especially who control billions of dollars – then those secrets will stay in the dark.

Maybe, just maybe, there’ll be a little light shining in there soon?

Video Of Rep. Wilson’s Heroic Speech Proves Gen. Kelly A Despicable Liar

Oh, how someone’s prejudices color their memories.

Trump’s Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly, by his own words, has proven himself a man of many prejudices whose memories are full of lies.

The Sun-Sentinal newspaper of Broward County, Florida released their full video of Rep. Wilson’s speech of 2015 that prompted Kelly’s despicable lies of his press conference.



What the speech has proven is that Rep. Wilson’s speech was not only heroic but celebrated and gave thanks to all FBI, military and law enforcement officers in addition to members of congress across the aisle – Republicans  who helped speed up the process of naming the new FBI building for the 2 deceased FBI agents. She even asked all law enforcement agents to stand so that they could be recognized for their work during her speech.

What did Gen. Kelly say? That she thanked herself and sat down.

Only a severely prejudiced mind could have attended that speech and recalled it as Kelly had. Which calls into question all decisions of judgement he has or might make. Essentially, he has gone “bunker” mentality, like the rest of Trump’s bizarre crew, leaving America in a precarious situation.


Trump’s former National Security Advisor and lying Russian mole Gen. Michael Flynn who was dismissed for lying and is now under investigation.

Next, Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly, the 4-star general, outright lying in front of all America. Sent out to a podium by Donald Trump to tell lies to America – essentially acting as a lapdog for a president whose behavior has prompted former presidents – breaking historical precedent  – to come out and warn how Trump is leading the country toward a dark and dangerous place.

And now, Trump has a 4-star general helping him lead that battle toward America’s downfall.