Football And Wine? Only In A NYT’s Writer’s Imagination

“More Football Fans Are Choosing Wine!” says the story in SportsMonday’s paper.

Yeah, we didn’t believe it either. And after a careful reading of NYT’s writer Ken Belson’s article we found he had absolutely no evidence to back up this story he must have pitched to his editor after too many glasses of Chablis.

There were some fuzzy figures from  – get this – Nielson, the TV ratings company, that showed people in the US population were generally drinking a little more wine. And that was it. No stats from any NFL team stadiums. Just a little anecdotal bit about how the 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara, CA offered its luxury box owners a nice selection of vinos. No kidding. As if that should surprise us. A Silicon Valley stadium next to all the California wineries offers wine.

And St. Louis has beer. Huh.

The dead time – 2 whole weeks  – leading up to the Super Bowl is infamous for cooking up ludicrous football stories from the press but having The New York Times throw out a story of American Super Bowl viewers sitting around their TVs sipping wine…well, we may be cynical but, the Times does take in plenty of ad cash from wine merchants…and journalism is planting stories to generate income, and…

No, it’s just an idiotic article.


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