Something Good:Expose’ On Evil Bank Tellers

As much as we enjoy pointing out the crass reportorial efforts of The New York Times we also feel it’s necessary to highlight good efforts by writers on staff at The Gray Lady.

In Tuesday’s “New York” section of the paper there is an excellent article by Stephanie Clifford and Jessica Silver-Greenberg detailing how our banks are derelict in their fiduciary duties by not vetting their bank tellers.

Clifford and Silver-Greenberg go on to tell how easy it is for low paid bank tellers to gain access to our accounts and do major damage.

Identity theft and the financial theft that goes along with it crushes millions of Americans every year.

What is the surprising truth? The banks, the police, state attorney generals, the FBI and federal officials do next to nothing to stop these heinous crimes against average Americans.

Go ahead. Ask questions. Find out how many of your friends/family members have been victims of financial fraud. Then, ask them what the authorities DID to prosecute the offenders. You’ll get the same response. Nothing.

Banks “write-off” the charge card thefts. Authorities find prosecution too difficult.

It’s the citizens being left holding the losses.

Almost enough to make you support one of these whack angry populist hack political candidates…nahhh.



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