Important Stories Ignored

Why hasn’t The New York Times held presidential candidates accountable? Why has the paper that purports to be the Paper of Record for America ignored what should be front page reports on candidate’s actions and behavior?

First, and this is old news for those who follow the news: At a conservative religious fundraiser in Iowa before Ted Cruz took the stage the organizer roused the crowds into a frenzy with a speech declaring that gays should be put to death. Yes. He said gays should be given the death penalty.

The crowd roared as if tasting the blood of their perceived enemies, not ISIS, but the hated gays of America.

Then Ted Cruz took the stage and gave ’em all his “I’ll be your President and kill all the gays” speech. Well, not exactly. But he certainly didn’t disavow or disagree with anything that his warm-up act advocated, either.

How can any presidential candidate be let off the hook for this transgression? We’ll never know, because papers the The Times did let Cruz off the hook.

Next up, that Big, Easy Target, Ben Carson. But this time it’s something that CANNOT be ignored.

Carson’s latest Federal Election financial statements have been filed and he is not running a campaign. Ben Carson is running a nationwide election scam. He has paid out over $20 million in funds to companies owned and associated with the people who are running his campaign. They barely raised enough money to cover that $20 some million.

That’s right. Carson is raising money not to run for president but to enrich his friends.

Never in the history of presidential elections has something this outrageous ever been reported. Yet, it has hardly been picked up by ANY news organizations. Why?

Because no one in the mainstream news organizations take Ben Carson seriously as a candidate, so they don’t think it matters.

And we’re tired of that attitude. Selective news. “We’ll decide if it has a hook. If it’s not click-bait, we don’t wanna cover it.”

Oh, and no journalist, NOT ONE, ever pressed Mr. Carson on that ol’ pyramid grain storage theory of his that he based on…well, even the leader of Carson’s own church dismissed the theory and said it was something that Carson dreamed up on his own.

Like that dream Carson has of becoming President…



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