Rebranding Cam: Making Newton’s Questionable Past Palatable For Super Bowl 50 Fans

In today’s big SportsWednesday story NYT’s writer Ben Shpigel paints a quaint, sepia-colored picture of Cam Newton’s theft-necessitated departure at the University of Florida and his subsequent stay at a junior college called “Cam Newton’s Way Station.”

Take us back, Ben. Way back to the good ol’ days. When our loveable billionaire NFL Super Bowl QB Cam Newton was finding his way among the cow pastures in small town Texas and sipping milk shakes at the local Arbys…well, that’s how he would have it.

And Mssr. Shpigel even introduces a character we’ve not heard from for lo’ these many years – Cam’s father, Cecil Newton.

Why haven’t we heard from Cecil? Because Cecil Newton is better known as “Shopping Cecil.” The man who reportedly shopped his son Cam around to different universities looking to get the highest bid for the services of the future Heisman winner.

Auburn University was the winner in the bidding war at $180,000. Pretty cheap price for a Heisman winner, in hindsight. Maybe Cecil should have held out for more?

Google it for the details, the messy NCCA investigation and Cecil Newton’s shady explanations about real estate dealings, etc. and then how it all came to naught, as most NCCA investigations do when they don’t want to taint national reputations.

And for a glimpse of the real Cam, follow this link, where he threatens to beat someone¬† after they referred to the whole scandal by yelling “180k!” at him during this past year’s Auburn game:

Cam Newton says he’ll ‘slap the [expletive]’ out of Bama fan

Truth hurts.

And the real face of Cam Newton is not the polished one being spoon-fed by beat writers to eager Super Bowl 50 consumers.


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