You Won’t Understand A Word Of This Story: Part Deux

How do NYT’s writers feel, we wonder, when the paper attempts to promote them with their most obtuse quotes in large white print on full-black pages of their print editions?

Then again, maybe these writers are as obtuse as their quotes. So it really doesn’t matter.

On the all-black page A7 of today’s NYT’s there is a (supposedly) profound quote:

“If using a video camera is like hunting, then filming in virtual reality is like setting bear traps…” 

This statement from “The Times video journalist Ben C. Solomon.”

Okay. Mssr. Solomon is a “video journalist” (quotes more than necessary). And it’s not for the millions of Times readers to explain to him that setting bear traps IS hunting. So…he’s essentially saying…yes…”hunting is like hunting.”

But here’s the ridiculous part: Even The Times knew the quote was silly and felt the need to clarify Solomon’s Solomonic bit with this addendum:

“Hint: It takes more than one camera.”

Thank goodness the editors had their eyes open on this one!


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