Dissing Taiwan To Help China’s Geopolitical Goals

The New York Times has been on a tear of late. And most American readers won’t catch the nuances of The Times campaign against the democratically ruled island of Taiwan.

But we’re here to clear the air.

Today’s NYT’s includes an above-the-fold story by writer Paul Mozur on the front page of The International section called “Goodbyes Arrive Decades Too Late.” Subtitle: “Taiwanese Families Receive Letters From Victims of Political Repression.”


It’s a story meant to elicit emotional responses. A bit of background on Taiwan. A family who receives some letters from a husband and father who was killed for being a Communist spy. And the playing up of the term The White Terror: A period of the Taiwanese government’s anti-communist actions. (Something that took place over 50 years ago, before Taiwan became a democracy.)

Making Taiwan sound like a terrible country full of dark secrets with a horrible past with scary names like The White Terror.

Hey, Mssr. Mozur. Ever hear of Mao’s Cultural Revolution? Tens of millions dead? Would you like to compare Mainland China’s political past with Taiwan’s? We know which country holds the higher ethical ground.

Every country has lamentable, tragic events in its past. But why is The Times pulling out this story on Taiwan? And highlighting it with “Victims…Political Repression?”

Especially since Taiwan is a democracy now. As opposed to repressive, police-state Mainland China, where state-sanctioned murders occur on a daily basis?

How about a simple test to differentiate between Taiwan and Beijing?

Go to the center of Taipei City, Taiwan. Stand in the middle of the street. Begin shouting as loud as you can about the atrocities of The White Terror. It’s a free country. Nothing will happen.

Now, go to Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Bring a sign. Begin shouting about the state sanctioned massacre there in 1989 of hundreds of civilians. You’ll be arrested, beaten and probably disappeared into jail.

That’s the difference between Taiwan and Mainland China.

Taiwan has been a separate entity from Communist Mainland China since Mao defeated Chiang Kai-shek, and China has been screaming to conquer Taiwan and get it back ever since.

Taiwan transitioned to free, democratic elections in 1996. Mainland China screamed even louder. If millions of free Taiwan Chinese living in a country just off Mainland China’s  shores could chose their own leaders, what does that say to their own people who are locked into a Communist system of top-down rulers telling them what to do about every aspect of their lives?

Now here comes The New York Times. And for at least the past two years, every single article and opinion piece published by Art Sulzberger’s house is slanted against Taiwan. Slanted to make Taiwan look the bad actor. The rogue state.

In what was probably one of the most contemptible acts we’ve seen in years, on January 27, 2016 The Times published an opinion piece by Nick Frisch titled “How China Lost Taiwan.”


The Times and Frisch just don’t get it. Taiwan was never China’s to lose. You ask 24 million free Taiwanese, some of the most vibrant, liveliest, most well-educated, well-traveled peoples in the world if they want to give up their freedoms and hand all they have over to an oligarchic, chaotic, corrupt set of rulers who answer to no one and have repeatedly shamed themselves in the face of the world with the way they flout human rights abuses.

Go ahead. Ask them.

Oh. No need. They just had an election. They were asked – and the Taiwanese answered. In toto. “No, thanks!”

Addendum: In Mssr. Frisch’s contemptuous opinion piece he specifically stated how Beijing has been “patiently” waiting for Taiwan to return to the fold.

Balls to Frisch. We were in Taiwan in 1996 for that first free election and Beijing was hurling missiles across the Taiwan straits at the same time, trying to threaten Taiwanese voters from going to the polls for their very first election.

And this “opinion” writer Frisch that The Times allows space on their pages calls firing missiles being “patient?”

Again, balls to Frisch and his Mainland Communist agenda-filled lies. (Smiling while we wrote that!)

We consider Frisch and The Times guilty of complicity in furthering Mainland China’s goal of absorbing more and more territory in Southeast Asia, including Taiwan. (Well, okay. The NYT’s is really too ignorant to have any Grand Plans. They just publish crap without thinking it through…)


One thought on “Dissing Taiwan To Help China’s Geopolitical Goals

  1. Really, really appreciate this! Fantastic article, and fantastically relevant! This is an IMPORTANT issue that (in the States) is either misunderstood or completely ignored, and as an American citizen the history behind all of this is just disturbing. Free Taiwan.

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