Peyton Lies, LeBron Lies…And Nixon Wasn’t A Crook

“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

– from “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”

We are currently living in a time when public figures and their well-paid flacks flood the media with legends. These legends are in blantant contrast with the facts that can be found by the public, if they care to look. Usually, they don’t.

In the end, the legends spouted by these public figures become the facts in the fuzzy memories of the public.

The two most recent legends being drummed loudly in the sporting media – mostly through “We-Support-Everything-That’s-Good-For-Promoting-Sports-And-Our-Profits” mouthpiece ESPN – are by Peyton Manning and LeBron James.

First, the minor. LeBron James had his Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt fired mid-season. No matter they had the second best record in the NBA and had made it to the Finals last season. Everyone in the NBA knew LaBee wanted the eminent Blatt fired and replaced by LaJames’ best bud Tyronne Lue. And that’s what happened.

LeBron then issued press releases, statements, and interviews lying again and again that he had “nothing” to do with Blatt’s firing. Bald-faced lying. Why?

We could ennumerate the many character flaws of LeBron…but we’ll move on to Peyton.

Al Jazzeera TV released a very good report on many athletes using performance-enhancing drugs. Peyton Manning just happened to be one of them. Evidence? Yes, what you’d call a red-hot smoking gun: A paper trail of Human Growth Hormones delivered to Manning’s home but, in the name of his wife. (How’s THAT for a lousy shake-and-bake move? Peyton never was very good at evading oncoming rushers.)

Manning has gone full-blown Shoot-The-Messenger mode, even hiring slimy Ari Fleischer as his hit man, Ari the big money corporate lawyer who ONLY defends guilty clients. Google Ari for a list of his goon squad clients. (Really, Peyton? Who gave you Ari’s number? A mafia friend?)

Peyton has denied everything except the undeniable – Why was he going to a disreputable anti-aging clinic in Indianapolis and then having them send HGH to his house in his wife’s name?

Peyton’s paltry reply: His wife deserves privacy on this matter.

Privacy? When Peyton Manning’s Pure NFL reputation is on the line? Really? Why does his wife choose to be silent?

Answer: Because, as Ari Fleisher knows, if Peyton’s wife answers the pertinent questions, she might have to defend her statements in a court of law. And, if the persistant rumors are true, the Manning marriage is not so stable as to withstand possible perjury charges against the little-seen Mrs. Manning.

Meanwhile, more and more legends continue to be spun, the public continues to hear them, watch them, read them and, eventually, just might believe them.

Oh. And did you hear? Richard Nixon had absolutely nothing to do with that little Watergate thing…

Really. I mean, he told us he didn’t. Didn’t he?




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