NFL’s Goodell Goes Preposterous

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell just threw out this statement:

“If I had a son I’d love for him to play football!”

This was made at his press conference today in response to those questioning the 30% increase in concussions reported in the NFL season this year.

Why is this a joke? Because Goodell doesn’t have any sons. He has twin daughters. So he’ll never have to actually follow through on his disingenuous, lying proposition.

It’s like a used car salesman telling you “If I needed a car I buy this car myself!”

Or a congressman telling you he’s going to eliminate Obamacare – knowing all the while  Congress members have the best health insurance money can buy, entirely funded by the taxpayers they’re ready to deprive of any healthcare.

Now for the jokes:

What Roger Goodell didn’t say:

  1. In light of the monstrous domestic abuse cases by NFL players, ignored by Goodell and the NFL – “I’d love for my daughters to date an NFL player!”
  2. After recent $Million dollar NFL team settlements with their NFL cheerleaders whom they essentially paid slave wages to for decades – “I’d love for my daughters to be NFL cheerleaders!”

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