The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

No, this isn’t a film review of a classic Sergio Leone western…but if you haven’t seen it in awhile, go catch it, and we’ll revel in all its pleasures later…

What was Good in Saturday’s Times:

A piece by Ron Lieber on reducing cable and phone bills, with a unique angle.

What was Bad in Saturday’s Times:

We’re rolling our eyes at this Super Bowl 50 filler by uber-cynical John Branch. The plethora of cemetaries near this years SB site. (Some kind of commentary here, Branch? Like, we don’t get it?)

What was Ugly:

Marc Tracy’s story on Louisville’s voluntary postseason suspension for its corrupt coach and basketball program that is currently under 4 different investigation agencies eyes.

There’s nothing wrong with the story itself. But the points should be stated clearly.

The suspension hurts players who have nothing to do with the charges being investigated. These players depend on the extensive post-season TV coverage to leverage their chances for professional careers after college.

The University of Louisville, to save its own hide, has thrown its players under the bus.

Thanks, Coach Pitino!

Second, on Pitino. The entire investigation was spurred by a book, well, you can google it. But it all seems to be true now yet Pitino from the get go denied, denied, denied.

Which takes us back to slimy Pitino and his sexcapades with his assistant coach’s wife on top of a restaurant table and her pregnancy, and…yeah, again, google it. Because Pitino denied, denied, denied.

Third, after Louisville announced they were foregoing the post-season, and would therefore not be collecting any lucrative NCCA post-season $money, it seems Rick Pitino decided to put his seaside Florida mansion on the market – for $25 million.

That’s what you call crying to the bank.



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