Times Immortalizes The Fool Finicum

They came from across the West…flying American flags…to honor one of their own!

We would think we were reading a story of Americans gathering to bury one of our soldiers killed in Afghanistan or Iraq. But, no.

Erstwhile NYT’s writer Julie Turkewitz is covering the funeral of wannabe militia fool LaVoy Finicum.


Finicum, for those not in the know, was the most visible, loudmouthed member of cranks who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. He’d shove his face in any camera, yank his cowboy hat down on his head till his ears were bent over double, then tell all he wouldn’t be taken alive. All the while packing his gun on his hip.

Finicum helped turn the affair into a circus. And of course the press loved him for his Fool’s act.

The Paiute Indians didn’t love him. Finicum was recorded desecrating their ancestor’s remains like he was tearing up sagebrush. Oh, Finicum did so while professing he was an “expert.”

Finicum was shot by authorities when he tried to evade a roadblock by driving his truck off the road into a snowbank, got stuck, then jumped out and ran. Not exactly a cowboy move.

When two officers with guns drawn told him to halt he kept jumping around and then, like a fool, reached down for his 9mm gun. (Oh, the fact he went for his gun – even that he was packing his ever-present sidearm – wasn’t mentioned by The Times Turkewitz.)


By the way, inside Finicum’s truck: two .223 assault rifles. Militia Patriots or ISIS terrorists?

Now this Times writer, with this execrable article, is helping to build the legend for creepy militia types across the country. When the truth is they are bands of loudmouth Know Nothing fools.

I mean, really. We’ve all watched enough westerns to know that any cowboy is smart enough to know when the other guy has the drop on you – you never go for your gun. You’ll end up dead.

Finicum was no cowboy.

Finicum was just a fool.





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