NYT’s Veiled Front Page Salvo At Candidate Sanders

When conjuring damaging adjectives to describe the failing faculties of the aging, “feeble” and “cloudy” are a couple of the most common that sprout up first.

On the front page of today’s Sunday New York Times print edition their editors pulled out “Clouded” and attached it to their least favorite Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.


(Yes, The Times Editors did endorse Hillary Clinton as their Democratic candidate for president.)

The gist of the story is that Sanders, while heading the Senate’s Veteran’s Affairs Committee, was too slow to act on the escalating crisis at local VA hospitals.

Sort of like the Right-Wing media going after Hillary Clinton on Benghazi.

No, not sort of. Exactly.

The thing is, Bernie was a little slow to act because he was defending the Veteran’s Department which he believed was under attack by right-wingers. But when given the facts, he acted.

If we go beyond the editor’s headline and keep reading we find this very pertinent quote from Dr. Sam Foote, who The Times note “was one of the primary whistle-blowers”:

“(Sanders) is no dummy. He quickly realized the V.A. was lying, and he turned right around and was all over them.”

That, as they say, is the end of a NON-STORY.

Why was this non-story prominently promoted by The New York Times on their highest circulation Sunday paper?

We can only assume Dean Baquet and Art Sulzberger’s minds were a bit clouded and feeble Saturday night…



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