Bad Losses And Sulking Superstars: Cam Newton vs LeBron James

Last night’s unfortunate post-Superbowl press conference by Cam Newton is not without precedent.

In 2014 after his Miami Heat was thoroughly beaten in the NBA Finals by the San Antonio Spurs, LeBron James slunk down on a chair before the press and gave what was a desultory, who-gives-a-heck presser, essentially telling the audience there were more important things than the NBA Championship.

For someone like LeBron who’d worked so hard the prior 2 years to win 2 NBA Championships with the Heat, to say that, well, that’s just a sore loser.

In the end it didn’t matter. LeBron knew he was ditching Miami for Cleveland anyway.

Of course, now LeBron is firing coaches and doing everything he can to win another one of those championships he dissed so quickly when he was on the losing end.

Cam is still young enough to learn from his mistakes.

LeBron is the Ego run amuck.




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