Clinton’s Cynical “Sexist” Cries Against Sanders

It’s a desperate campaign that begins firing off salvos of miscellaneous “-isms” against another campaign.

And the Clinton campaign is firing full-bore, double-barrel, 12-gauge double-ought blasts at none other than Gentle Bernie Sanders.

Seems some creepy fringe dudes in the darkened basements are harrassing Hillary Clinton supporters. This under the guise of being Sanders supporters. Sanders has come out publicly against these creeps and his public relations team has taken steps behind the scenes to do what they can. But, really. Internet creeps can do what they want and do it in whoever’s name they want. Bernie is just a victim.

Now why is this cynical on the Clinton’s part?

We’re not forgetting the 2008 primaries with Clinton battling President Obama. And MY how the racist attacks were flowing against our future President.

Did Hillary and her Hit Man Bill come out full blast like they are this week and denounce that entire 2008 racist campaign – not only underground but out in the open – against candidate Barack Obama?


Hillary and Bill Clinton are entirely political creatures. Cynical. Manipulative. Playing for the cameras and the soundbites.

And that’s why the American Public doesn’t trust her.


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