Finishing Your NYT’s Before You’ve Finished Your Coffee

It’s getting to be a problem. There’s hardly anything worth reading in your morning New York Times, so you’re invariably finished with the paper before you’re finished with your morning cup of java.

Sure, there’s that newsprint issue: By the time that old-fashioned paper hits your front door the world and its events has already spun out across the internet and is waiting for you to click-bait your way to that information highway.

But don’t you think our Times editors can still judiciously put out a a product that begs reader’s attention? Or have Dean Baquet and Art Sulzberger become so detached from their audience that Hoboken flood plans and yet another Central American migrant story become their front page grabbers?

Apparently, that’s all they have to offer. And a picture of an idle North Dakota oil pump.

“All The News That’s Fit To Print”

Or, NOT to print.


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