NFL Players Pile On To Support Manziel, Not So Much His Battered Girlfriend

It just keeps getter weirder.

Throughout Superbowl 50 we were inundated by countless commercials promoting the NFL as “Family.” Kids singing in choirs, blah, blah, blah.

Anyone knowing anything has followed the NFL’s shameless non-family actions when it comes to doing anything about its players when they are caught beating/shooting/killing/abusing their spouses and partners. The Greg Hardy Sham this year was the most egregious example. (Again, google it.)

Now we have Johnny Manziel the Brown’s pathetic drunken, girlfriend beating man-about-town who is all but out of the NFL becoming a poster boy for NFL players who want to excuse his behavior and bring him back into the fold.

The height of ludicrousness was when Superbowl 50 MVP Von Miller went out of his way to mention “Johnny Football” and how he wanted to save him.

What’s wrong with this? No one has said a thing about the damage Manziel has been inflicting on the women around him.

How about the time last year when Manziel was flying down the freeway in his car, beating his girlfriend, then tried to shove her out the open door? Wouldn’t you know the police let him go? (They were Cleveland fans.) The Browns and the NFL did NOTHING.

And this from the NFL organization touting itself as “The Family Organization.”

Yeah. Only if your family is headed by psychopathic drug and alcohol induced physically-abusive men who are coddled and excused repeatedly by their employers who lie to the media about what a great job they’re doing to uphold “Family Values.”


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