NYT’s Clueless Front Page Expose’ On Venezuela’s Collapse

In Tuesday’s edition of The Times we’re treated to a big front page story on the economic collapse of (now dead) dictator Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.


Times Cub Reporter Nicholas Casey, using the first-person narrative in order to remind us he was actually there! goes on a gallomping, myopic, snapshot-happy trip across the Venezuela landscape collecting anecdotes along the way. “Oh, things are so terrible here!”

No macroeconomic lessons from Chavez’s crazy-quilt attempts to run his country like a fiefdom. No political lessons on how Chavez rode high on his oil wealth while thumbing his nose at the US while playing friendly with every possible political actor who he thought would irritate his big neighbor to the north.

No, Cub Reporter Casey wants his Times readers to squeeze tears from their (assumed) unthinking liberal ducts over the current woes of Venezuela. No Big Picture background on how it got to this point.

Understanding Venezuela’s problems from this story is like using your own Facebook page for psychotherapy.


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