NYT’s Sorkin Pushes For Criminal Bankers To Head Treasury Department

Okay, that headline might be a tad strong.



The subtext surrounding The Times Andrew Ross Sorkin must be brought from the “sub” to the fore:

Everything Sorkin has recently found itself being pushed by The New York Times in that great media term synergy since Sorkin is one of the co-creators behind the new Showtime series “Billions.”

“Billions” is a hyper-ventilating over-blown series about…billionaire Wall Street super dudes! Testosterone flies through every scene like British stage actors spittle during a Shakespeare play.

In other words, it’s crap. And The Times is promoting Sorkin and the show as much as possible with show-by-show updates and tie-ins and feature stories and on and on.

Then we have today’s article by Mssr. Sorkin. It’s a pointless wiki piece list of Wall Street bankers who’ve been or attempted to achieve status as US Treasury Secretaries.

Nary a word from Mssr. Sorkin on why the US economy would benefit from having Wall Street thieves, whose entire focus is on increasing the wealth of the already wealthiest class, direct the US and also world economies.

Sorkin chooses to end his piece by relating his personal little tete-a-tete with the worst transgressor of all, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase.

Oh, how we are all supposed to be impressed by suck-up Sorkin that he chats with the horned Dimon, taking in all his wisdom like a boy sitting at the feet of The Great Money Man.

Last month it was reported Dimon’s Wall Street pay from JPMorgan rose to $27mil.

Maybe he tossed a few coins at Andrew Ross Sorkin’s feet.


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