NYT’s Cara Buckley Mimics Fascistic Hedda Hopper While Writing Oscar Diversity Piece

There is no more wearying dialectic these days than the one constantly pouring from right-wingers mouths about the monolithic liberal media. We hear it from certain news programs and every presidential candidate who can’t come up with an original idea on their own.

Then along comes an event that strikes a spark in media circles and it becomes a fire and starts what’s called a news cycle. A cycle that the media can play up, plumb all the angles, and then, when it’s all played out, the fire will die out and the media will forget about it and drop it like an out-dated iPhone.

Missing Malaysian flight over the Pacific, anyone?

Who won that Iowa caucus anyway?

*                    *                     *

The latest spark and resulting news cycle concerns the upcoming Oscars and the lack of black nominees this year.

Are we concerned about racism? Yes, more than ever. Especially when presidential candidates seem to be grooming their campaigns in the primaries to appeal to those in America who see issues in black and white. Or black or brown or white. And especially since police forces consistently seem to be willing to shoot to kill Americans with reckless abandon. Law enforcement? More like their own selective enforcement of their own view of Darwinism.

But today’s NYT’s has a piece by Cara Buckley that exhibits the worse traits of the type of journalism that not only feeds ammunition to right-wingers but also offends a great majority of those who work in Hollywood.


Buckley writes a trite column called “The Carpetbagger” that appears around Oscar time. This year her focus has been entirely on diversity in the Oscar nominations.

Her take on the situation is made perfectly clear when she categorically states that  “America’s deepest wound: racial inequality.”

(Apparently the myopic Buckley doesn’t follow the news or she’d know there’s a   presidential election coming up that’s been entirely focused on an even bigger wound: Economic inequality that effects everyone, no matter what race they may be.)

Buckley’s article then goes into it’s Hedda Hopper mode. Bullying, calling out celebrities, publicists, any number of actors about their – according to Hedda/Buckley – insufficient efforts to address the criminal lack of diversity in the Oscar process. Buckley does her best to embarrass or harass her targets with the national exposure her paper affords.

We remember it was Hedda Hopper who so proudly went before McCarthy’s cronie’s in Congress to self-righteously testify about the Commie threat and name Names. Hopper had her self-serving soapbox.

Buckley, in the service of being Holier-Than-Thou, is testifying to the world how self-righteous she is. She’s also digging herself into a hole.

Apparently, Buckley doesn’t understand the irony of using the moniker “Carpetbagger” as she flies forth into Hollywood proclaiming to cleanse the Industry of its Racist Woes. Just another example of a Times writer with no concept of history, philosophy, events, or context.

The people who live and work in the Hollywood industry are some of the most open-minded, accepting, anti-racist individuals in any industry in America.

Here in 2016 they find themselves being attacked by the media with the same blind unthinking viciousness as if they were all gun-wielding cops on the force in Ferguson, Missouri.

It’s ludicrous. It’s out-of-bounds.

And as Hollywood people, they know it’s like the old western where the innocent guy is surrounded by a big posse, blood-thirsty and just looking to go in for the kill.

How do you defend yourself against a mob like that?

You can’t. Logic doesn’t work.

*                    *                    *

But we’ll toss in the most recent facts of Logic no one else will:

Just 2 years ago, 2014 Oscar winners:

Film – “12 Years A Slave” : Directed by Steve McQueen (Need we mention, black)

Best Supporting Actress – Lupita Nyong’o (again…)

Best Adapted Screenplay – John Ridley, “12 Years A Slave” (…)

Nominated – Best Supporting Actor – Barkhad Abdi, “Captain Phillips”()

Nominated – Director – Steve McQueen, “12 Years A Slave”(


We won’t go into a breakdown of women directors who weren’t nominated this year, or  Asian-Americans, Hispanic, LGBT, and on and on.

You see, it’s not just a black and white issue.

And the entire Oscar nominating process and voting and who wins and who loses is subject to many vicissitudes including the very important size of the Oscar promotional budget any particular film hoping to win might have. (Anyone remember all those Weinstein wins? Not familiar with the Weinstein Bros. phenomena? Google it.)

But those Industry Insider facts aren’t interesting to the – here it comes – mainstream media. It’s not – here it comes again – click-bait material. It doesn’t, yeah…fit into their chosen narrative for this news cycle.

Prejudice against any category of people in Hollywood has little to do with Oscar nominations or wins. That’s the bottom line. Narcissism? Well, that’s an issue for another day.

Need a more potent example of Hollywood NOT being racist? Look at the recent winners at the Screen Actor’s Guild awards: Idris Elba (twice!), Viola Davis, Uzo Aduba, Queen Latifah.

Well, what’s the point of using facts and logic when people like The NYT’s Cara Buckley is riding high in her Carpetbagger wagon.

We’ve used the quote before, we’ll use it again:

“When the legend becomes the fact, print the legend.”

– from “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” 1962 film by John Ford

And the legend Cara Buckley and the NYT’s and the rest of the media are printing is that Hollywood and The Oscars are a bunch of racists.

Don’t believe what you read. Dig deep yourself. The truth, as we state knowingly and just a tad ironically, is out there.

We will note the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which has been singled out by the media and others as such a racist and anti-feminist organization, has since 2013 been run by President Cheryl Boone Isaacs – A black woman. 





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