NYT’s Again Apologist For Mainland China

It just gets sillier and sillier at The Times. Here’s the latest curve ball article by NYT’s cub reporter Jane Perlez:


In Perlez’s spin piece she tries to convince readers Mainland China had recently become a friendly Big Brother to South Korea. Then, after North Korea threatened the entire East Asian sphere by first blowing a nuclear bomb, then launching a multi-stage ballistic missile, South Korea churlishly spurned its friendly new Chinese neighbor to run back into the dangerous arms of the US.

Say, what?

We know The New York Times craves media expansion into the massiveĀ  2 billion Chinese readers behind the Great Censored Media Wall of President Xi Jinping.

But sucking the face of Mao Zedong’s Communist descendants is not only degrading but deceitful.

Oh, well. Art O. Sulzberger, the lesser, and his acolyte Dean Baquet have spread their carpet and have been busy wearing it threadbare on their knees to the Communist business forces.

Perlez manages to write over and over again how dangerous it is for South Korea’s President Park to proceed with an American missile defense system and wrangles not one but two(!) experts from – shock! – Chinese universities to back up those assertions.

Hmmm. A NYT’s writer using 2 Chinese experts to buttress her assertions that South Korea should NOT protect itself against its nuclear armed, anarchic, schizoid-led next door neighbor North Korea?

Shouldn’t this article have been shoved into a “humor” section?

Addendum: The print edition of this article included a photo describing “North Koreans in Pyongyang on Monday celebrated the rocket launch.” The photo showed the gloomiest group of sorry North Koreans you’ve ever seen. More NYT’s humor.


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