5 Lessons From Recent Events

(Yes, this is laughingly written in homage to the preponderance of “5 Takeaways” click-bait pieces all over the web.)

Lesson 1: Cam Newton/Peyton Manning

Just because someone is physically and mentally suited to a particular sport doesn’t grant them special powers to be Leaders of Men off the field.

Lesson 2: Donald Trump

Just because someone has managed to amass a fortune bullying their way through the business world doesn’t endow them with the finesse needed to lead the world’s biggest political entity.

Lesson 3: A.O. Scott/Manola Darghis

The best film reviewers act as translators, directly translating to readers all aspects of a film. The worst reviewers (Scott, Darghis) act as “feelers,” filtering films through their particular prejudices and skewing the process. (Yes, it’s tough. But look back decades for the classic film critics for guidance.)

Lesson 4: A Nation Divided Is A Nation In Doubt

No one denies the US is becoming more and more divided. We believe the media isn’t helping. In fact, we believe the media is furthering the divide. There is no spectrum of news outlets in the US. Essentially it is Fox News on the Right and CNN/MSNBC on the Left. There is no Middle Ground. To use a Buddhist term, no Middle Path.

We believe the US needs to come together on the Middle Path. How that will happen, well, we have some ideas, but, this piece is only click-bait so they’ll have to come at a later time.

So, until then…

(Oh, and we don’t have a Lesson 5. Remember, we’re being subversive. And we don’t like that click-bait format.)





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