NYT’s Racist? Here’s The Proof

In today’s New York Times they break down the qualifications for 6 potential Supreme Court nominees to fill Justice Scalia’s seat.


Here are their lead descriptions of the 6 candidates:

White man.

Black and Indian-American woman.

Hispanic man.

White woman.

Indian-American man.

African-American man.

*         *        *

We can think of nothing more degrading to six individuals who have reached such high levels of their professional lives that they are being considered for the Supreme Court, and The New York Times SPECIFICALLY chooses to lead off any description of them with their RACIAL PROFILE.

What is the thinking behind the people who put this newspaper together?

In an even more degrading comment from Times writer Charlie Savage about the “African-American” potential nominee he confoundingly states “(he) would offer some ideological balance to the court’s only current black jurist, the strongly conservative Justice Clarence Thomas.”

So…because he’s black, he wouldn’t necessarily “offer some ideological balance” against say, strongly white male conservative Justice Alito?

We guess The Times narrow-mindedness can only think within the confines of comparing jurists of the same race.

The New York Times, its writers and its editorial staff are reaching for new lows.


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