Peyton Manning: Abuse, Harrassment, Lies, Cover-up, Caught!

There was much made after the Superbowl about Cam Newton’s performance and his post-game behavior. We made our own opinions made known here:

We were never fond of the quarterback on the other side of the field, either, Denver’s Peyton Manning.

Now there’s even more reason not to like the fake, “aw-shucks” down home persona of Manning.

Shaun King’s excellent piece in The New York Daily News brings out the old case against Manning from his days at the U of Tennessee using court case notes never before brought to the eyes of the American public.

In fact, King notes, USA Today had all this information years ago and decided not to go public with it.

Yet, the incidents in the case are SO damning against Manning – and his father Archie Manning – that it’s impossible to believe that there wasn’t some kind of media hush-up going on.

Well, those “hush” days about good ol’ Peyton Manning are long gone.

Peyton Manning is a creep. He’s a liar. He sexually assaulted a very respected medical professional. Then repeatedly went after her, harrassing her verbally and at least once physically. Tennessee in a financial settlement, let the assaulted woman go from the university, even though she’d been there for nearly 9 years, earning her Phd. and being instrumental in the entire sports programs of the U of Tennessee. Well, heck. Peyton was the star quarterback, right?

Then Peyton and his father crafted a lying story about the sexual assault incident at Tennessee for a Manning autobiography. The victim rightfully sued.

Manning and his father, the revered former NFL quarterback Archie, crafted lies in court to cover their asses. The lies were refuted by everyone involved – including, very telling, by Peyton Manning’s own teammates at Tennessee. No one around Peyton or Archie Manning would back up their malicious lies against the respected medical professional whose name they attempted to drag through the trash – and we mean, through the kind of trash that essentially ignorant white southern boys like the Mannings would hurl at a woman who is in a position of power.

Peyton Manning’s nickname was always – uh, hum –  the Sheriff.

Time for this sheriff’s badge to be ripped off. And for the Sporting World to kick him down the road where he belongs.

Aw, shucks.


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