It’s Not In The Genes: Coach Rick Pitino’s Son Fails Miserably At Minnesota

Addendum: We congratulate Minnesota senior Joey King who helped the Golden Gophers defeat #5 ranked Maryland the evening after this was posted. Maryland, it must be noted, was playing without its highly touted freshman Diamond Stone who was suspended for this game for his violent tackling then vicious blow to the head against an Ohio State player the previous Sunday – the blow was so loud the Ohio State’s player head was heard cracking against the floor on the national TV telecast. And THAT is the state of college basketball today.

The Minnesota win helped Pitino’s Golden Gophers break a 30 year record losing streak.

Yet another player at the University of Minnesota, recruited by basketball Coach Richard Pitino, has been dismissed from the team.

We don’t think that will help the Golden Gophers in their 0-13 Big Ten season, 6-19 overall.

Richard Pitino, son of much-ballyhooed Louisville coach Rick Pitino, has been at the helm of Minnesota for 3 seasons. He was given a much-coveted Big Ten head coaching job after only 1 year of head coaching experience at lowly, very lowly FIU. FIU, where he replaced Isiah Thomas, who had gone to FIU after his mysterious “suicide” or not incident post-sexual harrasment suit gone-awry case with the New York Knicks. Clearly, FIU is the place to go for up and coming coaches.  No wonder Daddy Rick wrangled Richard his way into FIU.

Now Richard II has made a mess of things in the Northern Climes of the B1G. One of Pitino’s first big Minnesota recruits, Daqien McNeil, was arrested for viciously assaulting his girlfriend and subsequently dismissed from the team. (No kidding.)

Gophers basketball player Daquein McNeil charged with third-degree assault

Then there are all of Pitino’s assistant coaches who have fled. Can you blame them? Who wouldn’t get off a sinking ship?

Of course responsibility lies with the University of Minnesota AD and administration who were blinded by thought, reason, and process and hired Pitino. Who would sign such a person as Pitino and sign him to a SIGNIFICANT multi-millions contract based merely on the fact that his daddy is Rick Pitino?

Apparently, those Minnesota admins who are more accustomed to dealing with sports that take place on frozen water.

Meanwhile, down at Daddy Rick’s  Louisville program, there are currently four investigations in progress on corruption in his basketball program and the University of Louisville’s  president has voluntarily withdrawn Daddy Rick’s basketball program from any post-season tournament play while they await federal, state, FBI and NCCA results.

Oh, how those Pitino boys shine…The Pitino patina!

They keep adding to the gleaming glory of NCCA basketball. Where Student/Athletes (say, what!?) compete nightly on national TV to the billion-dollar profits of corporations and networks. Then, after said Student/Athletes are no good to the schools/networks/corps they’re kicked out like over-worked, feeble racehorses and shoved toward the glue factories. Er, fast-food worker jobs.

But wasn’t it worth a good cheer while it lasted…



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