Hollywood’s Silent Conspiracy On “The Martian”

A mission to Mars where a crew is sent down to the surface, where disaster strikes. One crew member, by use of ingenuity is able to survive. He communicates with the orbiting ship by salvaging parts from an old Mars Rover. The orbiting ship, captained by a spunky female astronaut, tells him he can launch himself back into orbit by using an old Russian landing craft still on the surface.

After a dramatic launch back into orbit “The Martian” is then pulled back into the orbiting ship by the female captain and the film comes to a rousing end.

Ridley Scott’s blockbuster 2015 film starring Oscar nominee Matt Damon?


2000’s “Red Planet” starring Val Kilmer and Carrie-Anne Moss.



How did this happen?

There’s a Hollywood saying: Stealing is the sincerest form of flattery. But this is ridiculous.

“The Martian” is based on the book written by Andy Weir and published in 2011. You think Andy ever saw “Red Planet?”

Yeah, we think.

And what’s worse, we came across NOT ONE review in ANY major publication that made ANY mention of the plot similarities between “The Martian” and “Red Planet.”

Sure, “Red Planet” bombed at the box office. Sure, it’s got a subplot about underground bugs.

But theft is theft.

Except in Hollywood.

And when every major critic misses thefts from a previous film that is not that old, well…Hollywood is an industry where actors disappear for a month or two and come back looking like a completely different (usually freakier) version of themselves.

So now we guess they’re okaying plastic surgery on other people’s films.



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