NYT’s And “The Met”

In today’s New York Time’s Arts section there’s a piece by Robin Pogrebin on The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new logo.


And given the devolved state of taste prevelant today in tastemakers, it’s no surprise the logo basically stinks. Reductive, simplistic, in screaming horror-show red and meant to appeal to…well, those hordes with faces stuck perpetually in their smartphones.

What’s even more telling: The one quote Pogrebin finds in defense of the logo comes from that city that is the bastion of good taste, LA.

One graphic designer named Dylan C. Lathrop is quoted as saying the logo is “cool!”

And then, as if we needed more evidence of Dylan’s teenage mentality, he/she goes on to belittle “haters” of the new logo. Yes. Pulling out the middle-schooler’s logic-defying term “hater” that immediately, in their minds, ends all arguments in their favor.

And putting the cherry on top, Dylan ends with another teen dismissive, “whatever.”

Well, we think THE MET’s new logo has found THE MET’s new target audience.

Can anyone sense the pyramids crumbling?



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