NYT’s Magazine “Bar Talk” Interview: Female Writer As Enabler

The New York Times descends more and more into tabloid journalism.


Times’ writer Ana Marie Cox breathlessly (if possible in print) interviews trashy “Bar Rescue” TV host Jon Taffer and sets him up with questions making him out to be some kind of TV genius.

The disgusting part is when Taffer defends his own past “shenanigans” like breast enhancement giveaways and “midget-tossing” by saying it was done in the past and he wouldn’t do it today.

That’s like Taffer saying “I used to rape women back then ’cause everybody was doing it, but I wouldn’t do it today.”

And the NYT’s Ana Marie Cox lets him get away with it. She injects something about her being a feminist and wanting to kick him. But she doesn’t. In the literal or writerly sense.

It’s all just a good laugh for her.


We’re reminded of the current vacuum among TV  political journalists who have been playing Donald Trump’s candidacy for laughs since he entered the race. NBC’s perpetually smirking Chuck Todd has been a major player in this game along with CBS’s John Dickerson. Todd has been dumping on Trump but all the while using his candidacy to pump up ratings for NBC. Yet he and Dickerson never hit Trump with the hard follow-up questions that would pin him to the wall and expose him for the fake candidate he is and, moreover, expose that ugly part of the American populace he is appealing to.

It took a hack journalist from Fox, Megyn Kelly, to smack Trump upside his brick wall head in that major Republican debate debacle. Megyn Kelly who had to stand up for women and swing back with a baseball bat – that’s what it takes – against Trump.

And the truth of Trump’s ugliness came gushing forth. (ADD-ers, google it.)


Shirtsleeve feminists like Ana Marie Cox could learn a lesson from Kelly. (Maybe that’s the only one.)

Instead, Cox stuck her name on this Times tabloid piece as her sign of approval for a guy who’s living in the past, and deserves to stay there.



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