Cancer-Causing Wood, Lumber Liquidators And “Made In China”

There can hardly be anything more boggling than the concept that wood can cause cancer.

Leave it to corrupt Chinese corporations to find a way.

The story is not a new one: Lumber Liquidators bought laminated flooring from Chinese manufacturers that had lots – lots – of formaldehyde in it. And LL liquidated it to lots of homeowners who are now living inside caskets.

That’s the way it is.

China doesn’t care about anything. Not about the environment. Not about safety. Not about health. Least of all about the safety of its own Chinese citizens.

And now the Chinese have sold their blatant disregard for human life to the American Business Industry along with its products.

What? You haven’t heard about the Chinese workers striking at factories cranking out Apple iPhones because they were getting sick from polishing screens? Too busy playing on your smartphone?

Didn’t hear about the tainted Chinese baby formula scandal? Now Chinese scramble to buy baby formula from overseas markets. Meanwhile, millions of Americans are buying billions of dollars of Chinese food products found in Walmart stores.  What, you don’t read the labels? “Made in China?” They’re all over your Walmart food aisles.

American businesses gave up manufacturing for outsourcing to China and with it America lost jobs and gained Dollar Stores.

American business saw the short end of the stick – An office on US soil, slave labor in China, bottom-line profits and no responsibility for end products.

That’s what they’re teaching at the top business schools in this nation.

And how ugly is that?

Like a casket made from formaldehyde-soaked wood.


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