Obama’s FDA Nominee Headed Faulty Drug Trial?

Today’s New York Times has a good piece about an ongoing trial against Johnson & Johnson’s Xarelto anti-clotting drug.


It seems Dr. Robert Califf, Pres. Obama’s nominee to head the FDA, who will be voted on today, headed the faulty drug trials for Xarelto years ago. Which led to J&J’s Xarelto being approved by the FDA and which is now generating over $2 billion in worldwide sales for the global pharmaceutical giant.

Isn’t that more than cozy?

At the center of the flawed drug trial was a bad blood monitor that doctors and the FDA knew was flawed back in 2005/6. But like all things regulatory these days, the monitor wasn’t recalled until 2014.


Which brings us to an important point.

Neanderthalic Murdochians, Fox News acolytes and most Republican candidates salivating for primary voters will scream how “The Government” is the Enemy.

Simply put, it is an inefficient government that is the enemy.

Efficiency. Transparency. That’s what we all want out of our elected officials and the institutions created to carry out the nation’s functions.


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