Marcos And The Murder Of Aquino: NYT’s Forgets

There is a story by NYT’s cub reporter Floyd Whaley titled “Some Filipinos Still Yearn for Marcos.”

The article talks about Filipinos yearning for the supposed “Golden Age” good times under former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Somehow boy reporter Whaley failed to mention the momentous 1983 assassination of Ninoy Aquino by Marcos’ boys that forever changed the face of the Philippines.

There are those who will never forget Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino bravely returning from exile to his homeland only to be executed by Marcos just after leaving the airplane. The event rocked the world at that point.

Marcos, the leader of US ally Philippines, was so brazen and criminally insane as to assassinate his worst enemy Ninoy, after Ninoy had just left an airplane giving interviews to world journalists asking him about his potential to be assassinated.

This is what led to the downfall of Marcos.

Cub Reporter Whaley, like those youthful Filipinos, don’t seem to know their history.

If Whaley had ever flown into the Philippines he would have entered through Ninoy Aquino Airport, named after national hero Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino who was gunned down there by the criminal dictator Marcos’ regime.

Or maybe Little Whaley had his head stuck in his comic books when he deplaned.


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