Univ. Of Tenn. Coaches Circle Wagons Around Their Own Corruption

Just 2 days ago a group of University of Tennessee coaches gathered for a press conference to profess how great their school is for women. The Lady Vols basketball coach Holly Warlick even went so far as to say she would have her own theoretical daughter come to campus. (Easy to say, Coach Warlick, when you don’t actually have a daughter.) Meanwhile, the case against Tennessee just got uglier.



A football coach that threatens a player for helping a woman who was just raped. Other players repeatedly beating on that player and, one putting out a “hit” on that player.

This just happened in 2014.

And we have a female basketball coach at Tennessee saying “Everything’s great for women around here!”

No wonder the Tennessee Athletic Director didn’t show up at the coach’s presser.

He knew the facts.

We’re surprised the Tennessee coaches didn’t get ahold of their ol’ buddy coach Bruce Pearl for a ringing endorsement.


Oh. Because after being banned from the NCCA for 3 years he’s now down at Auburn making big $ and waiting for the boogey men to catch up with his crooked ways down there.


It’s not only women who are in danger in Tennessee sports circles. Don’t forget the horrendous case of the high school basketball freshmen students sodomized with a pool cue by their older teammates while coach was around.


And, yes. There were those who defended those high school coaches who tried to cover up the assault that left one student hospitalized with massive internal injuries.



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