Double Standard For White Duke Player Who Flagrantly Fouls

Duke’s Grayson Allen was given a pass by the ACC and his school, Duke University, after flagrantly tripping a Florida State player in a game Thursday night. Not only did the refs NOT call a foul, but the ACC conference and his coach Mike Krzyzewski think it’s no big deal. They didn’t suspend Allen, just apologized for him. Even though Allen in an earlier game was called for a flagrant foul for tripping ANOTHER player at Louisville and has had numerous other dirty-play incidents.

2 weeks ago the Big Ten conference suspended Maryland player Diamond Stone one game when the referee refused to make the right call of a flagrant 2 foul on Stone hitting an Ohio State player.  Diamond Stone is black. Grayson Allen is white.

We must assume the ACC conference and Duke see a difference.

Need another example?

Earlier this season in a Pac-12 game an Oregon State player was supended 4 games for tripping a referee. That player was black.

So if you’re a white guy that plays dirty for Duke University you can get away with a lot of stuff. And beloved Coach K will stick up for you, too.

Especially when you’re his best player.




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