NYT’s Ignores Hillary’s Confrontation At Fundraiser

The New York Times is turning a blind eye to Hillary Clinton’s latest embarrassing campaign episode. It’s up the the Washington Post to pick up the salient facts.


Of course, anything embarrassing to Hillary Clinton is NOT going to be covered by the NYT’s.

Sure, we’ve heard of Black Lives Matter activists confronting candidates. But this time is different. This time, the activist reminds Hillary of her own words used in 1996 calling some blacks “super-predators.”

Say, what?

And here we thought Hillary was all in with the African-American community.

It’s a good thing some activists are doing their research. There is no better weapon against a politician than their own words.

What’s worse, the confrontation came at one of Hillary’s private, very expensive, undisclosed-to-the-press fundraisers at some big mansion.

And there are Hillary’s Big Money Hustlers hustling the activist straight out of The Man’s Big Mansion while Hillary drones on about nothing in particular – like all those 10 minute speeches she gave to all those Wall Street corporations and then collected $300k checks from.

And whether you like it or not, unless something miraculous happens, it’s going to be Hustling Hillary in the White House next year, kicking all the small people out the door while welcoming Big Money, Big Interest, Multinational Corporations in, and clearing the way for her and Bill NOT to be broke after they leave the White House THIS second time.

(If you don’t get the “broke” quote, it was used by Hillary as one of the rationalizations for charging 6-figures for all those speeches.)

Addendum: The Times on 2/26/16 published an opinion piece asking Hillary to release transcripts of her Big Money speeches which she has refused to do. The Times has NOT reversed its endorsement of Hillary as our next President.


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