National Press Ignores Ben Carson Financial Scam

Never before in the history of the United States Presidential elections has a candidate ran simply for the purpose of the financial enrichment of himself and his friends.

Ben Carson is doing that right now.

And the entire national press has the facts and is ignoring the story.

As Ben Carson’s Campaign Tanked, Top Advisors Reaped Millions

The facts released in Carson’s campaign fourth quarter spending statement showed that of the $22 million he raised, most of it was paid out to companies of his friends and associates who were in charge of – RAISING MONEY.

That’s right.

Carson’s entire campaign is essentially about getting money and paying it to his friends who got that money.

It’s all in his federal campaign forms.

And the national press has ignored it.

Carson continues to run even though he has no shot whatsoever to win. Why?

Because he and his friends can’t make money if he isn’t in the game. His websites are up and running and still seeking funds from his religious “true-believers.” How cynical is that, Doctor Carson? He’s still showing up – at churches – giving speeches. Getting money. True believers.

Ben Carson’s campaign has always been a national joke, run not by a professional campaign manager but by his personal business manager.

Why has the national press ignored these outrageous facts? Because they don’t take him seriously. They chose to ignore Ben Carson’s historically scandalous campaign finance scam.

The same way the press refused to take Donald Trump seriously for months and months and refused to challenge him, to set the record straight on his scandalous business dealings.

Now the nation is up to its neck with the mess of the fascistic Trump.



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