UN Sanctions North Korea, But It Was S. Korea Feeding Them $Millions In US Cash For Years

Strange things happen in International Politics.

While the crazy -Il dictators of North Korea have been developing nuclear arms over the years and the world has been twisting its ears over how to stop them, why was their next door neighbor – South Korea – handing over bags full of brand new US $100 bills adding up to hundreds of millions since 2004? Essentially giving the Hermit Kingdom the cash necessary to wreak havoc on not only South Korea but the world?

Because it was great for South Korean businesses, that’s why.

North Korean slave laborers don’t complain.

In fact, they didn’t even get paid. The crisp $US money went straight to the crazy North Korean rulers and the military. The poor starving workers were given slips of paper to exchange for bits of food or goods at roughly $2 an hour.


The Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea was dreamed up by corrupt South Korean rulers to exploit North Korean slave laborers and they called it “international cooperation.”

Now, if you can believe this, since South Korea finally cut off the $millions of US cash to North Korea last month, it’s the South Korean businesses that are starting to complain.


To understand Korean business practices you’ll have to do some studying on your own. Start with “chaebols,” the uniquely Korean family business-controlled multinationals that you buy your cars from, your electronics, etc.


If you thought things were skewed in the US, you’ve never studied business practices in South Korea.

Remember that South Korean ferry that sank 2 years ago in 2014? Tragically killing about 300 Korean students on holiday? The fault of that sinking can be directly linked to corrupt chaebol business practices.


Examples of chaebol corruption go right down to the ludicrous. The chaebol daughter of the Korean airlines executive who ordered her flight back to the terminal to kick a flight attendant off the plane because she was offended when she wasn’t offered, was it a piece a candy? The return to the terminal violated international flight regulations. There was a cover-up involving the pilots, who lied to cover-up the daughter’s involvement. She was found out because of passengers. She eventually lost her job, but kept a salary. That’s the power of corrupt family chaebols in Korea.


South Korea has always been an ally of the United States. The South Korean people are wonderful, curious, industrious and great citizens of this Green Planet. But like all the numerous examples of the US’s blundering in world affairs that ended disastrously, South Korea’s Kaesong experiment only added fuel to the nuclear fission/fusion taking place across its border.



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