Rachel Maddow Says “Nixon’s Not A Crook!”

In a special report on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow and her investigative (sic) team came out with a revealing show-and-tell program complete with papier-mache’ props of the Watergate complex and Ken dolls representing the break-in crew. In Maddow’s hurly-burly re-creation and with some manipulated voice recordings said to be from the ghost of Rose Mary Woods – Nixon’s loyal secretary – Maddow has cleared the beloved 37th President of the United States from any criminal culpability. And, Maddow states, that includes lying during his infamous “Checkers” TV speech.

“I broke down and cried during Dick Nixon’s ‘Checker’s’ speech. It was so inspirational, it was what made me want to become the TV journalist I am today,” Maddow said.

In other news, after the release of the Department of State’s Inspector General’s damning report on Hillary Clinton’s abuse of email servers and not turning over emails and refusing to cooperate with the IG’s investigation when Clinton stated multiple times she and her staff would “fully cooperate,” Maddow exonerated the former Secretary of State, then stacked a large pile of papers on her desk, threw them in the air and declared, “Nothing wrong there!”


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