New York Times Warns You…About Ad-Blocking Software?

Yeah, we didn’t understand this story from the New York Times either.

It seems the New York Times is sounding the warning bell to all its readers about the inherent dangers of – world citizens being able to surf the net without being inundated with advertisers shouting at them from their smartphone screens.

To the New York Times, this is a very bad thing. Hmmm….

According to the article, written by Big Brother NYT’s advocate Mark Scott, ad-blocking software threatens the very nature of Net Neutrality. Hmmm…

If we’re watching TV and a commercial comes on and we choose to push the mute button or hit the fridge for a snack, would Theorist Mark Scott propose that we viewers are depriving a network of our potential revenue? By watching a TV program are we contractually obligated to watch their commercials? Are we NOT allowed to Tivo through the commercials?

Or is the New York Times, whose Exec. Editor Dean Baquet recently fired off a salvo against publishing “real” news and instead appealing to the “clickbait” crowd, really afraid of consumers being given the freedom to choose how to surf the internet and what they choose to read without having Corporate Propaganda shoved down their throats?


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