NYT’s Friedman Endorses Clinton, Judging Hillary Lies Better Than Sanders Or Trump?

Yes, there are times when, after reading a New York Times editorial position, we’re left scratching our heads. Here’s the latest one from esteemed NYT’s sophist Thomas L. Friedman.

Friedman the rhetorical wizard uses impeccable logic in proposing that among the 3 “lyin'” Presidential contenders it is Hillary Clinton’s lies that are most forgivable. Therefore, Clinton should be President.

How? “Lying is serious business,” he states. (Thanks for that, say all us gullible election aficionados.) “But,” Friedman continues, “Hillary’s fibs…are all about bad judgments.”

And by this logic, Friedman says, Clinton is worthy to rule the nation.

Say, what!?

Don’t Americans elect a President based exactly on their ability to judge? Don’t Americans vote for a candidate that they trust will make the correct decisions in the most crucial of situations?

That is…their judgment?

Thomas L. Friedman, a leading opinion man for The New York Times, has turned logic on its head. He says we Americans should dismiss “judgment” as a quality deemed essential for the leader of the United States.

Well, no wonder the New York Times has been pushing Hillary R. Clinton as its Royal Successor to the Kingdom. She fits their bill.



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