Why Clinton’s Trump Beat-Down Speech Was Great

Hillary Clinton finally woke up in this 2016 campaign. And she did it to deliver a major beat-down to Donald Trump using Trump’s own words, record and positions.

Yes, Clinton had the help of some of the business’s best scriptwriters, including film maker Jon Favreau. And they had plenty of material to work with, given Donald Trump’s continuously running mouth that knows no editorial sense, let alone the common type sense that goes along with even the least intelligent campaigners.

But why was this speech great?

Just why did this speech – you have to watch or read it – have such impact and resonance?


Because for the entire length of this ugly 2016 election campaign Donald Trump has been torching the US population with these statements – and the US media pundits have been swallowing Trump’s garbage without ever questioning the man or his competency to be President of the United States.

CNN, MSNBC, Fox, CBS, ABC. They have all swallowed Donald Trump’s bluster and refused to challenge him, to confront his lies, to question his disreputable integrity.

Why? Because they needed his ratings. They wanted to bask in the Trump TV ratings and it’s accompanying profits. Therefore, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Fox, ABC refused to get specific and pin down Trump on his lies.

Need proof? The president of CBS at a shareholders meeting gloated about their news division’s profits this election cycle all due to Donald Trump. Gloated about it. Essentially, CBS and all other corporate media directors said “Damn the torpedoes, we’ll promote Trump even if it means destroying the interests of the United States.”

NBC’s “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd, someone with no journalistic standards, gloated on air months ago at the prospect of Trump’s primary successes because, he said, it would make for good entertainment. Journalism? No, Todd is a pimp for the ratings circus. Never mind integrity and journalism.

Donald Trump has been getting a free ride for months and months.

Until today’s Clinton speech. Clinton and her speech writers finally did the work that journalists were supposed to do.

Thank goodness. Now, why did it take so long?


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