General Sanders Won The Battle, Lost The War

No, the California primary hasn’t been held yet. And it’s in the best interests of the Democratic Party that Bernie Sanders make a strong showing in The Golden State where progressive issues often drive the best interests of the United States.

What other state knows firsthand the ill effects of climate change, unregulated immigration and its accompanying costs to state coffers, the dreadful results of Prop. 13 property tax restrictions on local economies, the vicissitudes of rapid growth followed by desperate, massive private property foreclosures? Pristine natural resources such as its beaches ruined time and again by Corporate Big Oil negligence through tanker spills, burst oil pipelines?

Presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton needs to hear the voices and votes of California’s citizens and know their concerns should be taken seriously in her policies going forward.

Yes, Bernie Sanders has won the Battle of driving the conversations and issues of this Democratic primary. But he has lost the war. Clinton will be the Dems candidate this Fall.

If she is a smart politician, as all around her have been pronouncing for years, then she will unite the party by selecting Bernie Sanders as her running mate.

Her camp has been professing over and over – mostly in cause of driving Sanders out of the race – that unity for the Democratic Party is utmost in this 2016 election.

Then why not invite Bernie onto the ticket and bring along with him all his supporters? It only makes sense. Bernie’s supporters bring with them the enthusiasm and energy that Clinton desperately needs for the kick into the last part of this marathon race.

And, very importantly, it must be remembered how all the political pundits have been warning – erroneously, we believe – that Bernie’s supporters might just turn their support elsewhere. That scenario would forever be eliminated with Sanders as the VP candidate.

Plus, Bernie still draws big crowds and still gets big reactions. That cannot be denied. Especially on the campaign trail. (Did Pres. Obama ever get much of a boost from having Joe Biden hanging around in the wings? No. He had no built-in constituency to bring along with him. Only a tendency to put his foot in his mouth.)

Bernie Sanders has the cache of his Idealism and the enthusiasm of his youthful supporters. That is something Candidate Clinton would be very wise to put to use. For her party and her nation.


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