US Cancer Drug Prices Highest In World – Big Pharma Loves The “Big C!”

We’ve all become aware that cancer is now the scariest illness effecting Americans as our Life Expectancies get longer and longer.

Leave it to the criminally corrupt pharmaceutical corporations to extract maximum profits where the sickest citizens are.

Now, in a recent study highlighted by US News And World Report, we find the United States pays the highest prices in the world for generic and name brand cancer drugs.

Notably, the 3 countries that had some kind of government controls over drug pricing had the best deals for cancer drugs: Australia, England and Israel.

Yes, we can already hear all the Republicans screaming that “government controls” are evil and will never happen.

And that would put all those Republicans in the camp of…the pro-death pro-cancer voting block. Otherwise known as taking monstrous financial benefits from and being in the pocket of Pfizer, Bayer, Novartis, Merck, etc.

American Congressmen. Promoting profits for Big Pharma and death for US Citizens.


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