Orlando’s Terrorist Employed By Homeland Security Contractor!

Orlando mass-murderer Omar Mateen was employed by international British security corporation G4S under their contract for supplying security for a Florida gated community.

The huge British corporation holds numerous contracts with the Department Of Homeland Security. Which begs the question: If the FBI questioned Mateen twice – in 2013 and 2014 – for his violent terroristic statements – how clueless are the companies that are entrusted with guarding the security of the United States?


We blame Mateen. We can also blame his father who raised his son in a home full of hatred and tyranny and himself had a TV program broadcasting in Pashtun to an Afghanistani audience slanted toward the Taliban from his Florida home.



We’d like to know: How many other people like Mateen’s father exist in the US that the FBI know about?

And what are they going to do about it?

We are a nation of tolerance and free speech.

But are we also a nation that allows individuals or groups to preach the overthrow of our own government by violence?

Or did the FBI think Mateen’s father was just another harmless guy with his own little web series?


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