Dustin Johnson Cheats, Wins US Open

Dustin Johnson, for anyone in the golf world who follows the golf world, has a past about as infamous as Tiger Woods and his double-hooker hook-ups.

Johnson’s past is filled with partying, coke-fueled stories, followed by the notorious “vacation” from golf after a supposed jet-ski accident – which was reported instead to have been a USGA sanctioned 6 month suspension due to positive drug tests.

Sports Illustrated had a full-blown story about DJ’s “comeback” in which they purposely were told not to ask anything about those nasty coke stories – SI was doing a PR job about DJ’s super-duper healthy-dealthy new routines. Even about DJ’s Life Coach he employed full-time. (What does a Life Coach do? Is that anything like a probation officer?)

And, of course, Dustin Johnson never admitted to anything.


Well, on Sunday during the final round of the US Open at Oakmont DJ – once again – didn’t admit anything.

Except this time it was about the honor-bound rules in the World of Golf that he just violated.

Getting ready to putt, he placed his club twice next to his ball, then moved it behind the ball when the ball moved. Oops!

Time to call in the officials and assess yourself a one-stroke penalty, just as second place Shane Lowry had done the day before.

But no. This is Dustin Johnson. Sure, the official was called in, but DJ said he didn’t ground his club and the ball “just moved.” The official took DJ’s word and play continued.

Heh, heh, heh.

DJ thought he could get away with cheating in this day of HDTV. By the time he got to the 12th hole officials had seen what really happened and they informed him they would assess the play and let him know at the end of the round. It was clear he’d be decked a stroke.

And they did assess Ol’ Cheatin’ DJ the stroke. Too bad. It wasn’t enough to take away his win. (The other players – playing poorly but with honor and fairly – screwed their own chances at a win.)


Many a player from Jordan Spieth to Jack Nicklaus assailed the USGA for their poor judgment in the way they handled the situation, waiting till the end to deliver the news.

But Spieth, Nicklaus and all the others who complained had one thing in common: They weren’t in contention to win the US Open like Lowry.

It was Dustin Johnson, NOT the USGA, who created the entire fiasco by NOT owning up and taking the stroke, like Lowry and all the other golfers who play by the rules.

Dustin Johnson has never owned up to anything in his life. He may be a talented golfer. But he is the most coddled, spoiled, insulated golfer we have come across in many years.

That is, ever since Tiger Woods left the scene…


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