Senate Republicans Just Vote”Yes” To Guns For Terrorists

On Monday Senate Republicans voted down twice to stop those on terrorist watch lists from purchasing guns.

Yes. American Senators love guns SO much they even want terrorists in the US to be able to buy them. Pistols, assault weapons, clips that hold 100 rounds of ammo. Your Republican Senators are SO whack that they just voted that it’s OKAY for terrorists to buy weapons of mass murder like the Orlando terrorist.

Those Republican Senators in their nice suits in Washington – so far away from the bloody corpses of Orlando – insist, along with the NRA that funds their campaigns, that even those who pose the worst possible danger to these United States HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.

This is the insanity that Republican politics and the National Rifle Association has taken America.

It’s time to vote them out of office.

Because it seems entirely apparent that Republican Senators don’t care about Americans and are NOW representing the interests of TERRORISTS.


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