Prosecutors Give Pass To ‘Bama Footballers With Stolen Gun

In what can only be described as Southern Genteel Justice, a Louisiana prosecutor said there was not enough evidence to proceed against 2 University of Alabama football players who were arrested in possession of a bit of weed and, more importantly, a stolen gun.

The prosecutor, in deciding against going forward, cited the fact that he didn’t want to hurt the players’ future football careers.

Lawyer says charges against Cam Robinson were weak from the start

The facts of the case were not in doubt. There was weed. There was a stolen gun(!).

But boys will be boys in the South and the game of football must go on.

Especially in the home of the SEC.


And that whole rape culture practiced by the Baylor football program? Well, Baylor boosters were so disturbed about Coach Briles being let go – not fired – that they’re trying to get him re-hired.

And the Baylor administration isn’t shooting the idea down.

Besides, how serious can they be when their own legal findings showed the entire football staff legally liable for the rape culture – and they kept the entire football staff!

Boys will be boys…


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