Republicans Vote Into Law: Terrorists Can Buy Assault Weapons

There is currently an unusual sit-in going on at the House of Representatives over America and guns.

Democrats have decided it’s insane to give terrorists the right to buy assault weapons. And they’ve decided to make it clear to ALL Americans that over and over their Republican counterparts have specifically voted to allow everyone listed on the Terrorist Watch List to buy any gun and as many guns as they want.

Yes. Republicans are on record for supporting the Right To Bear Arms for TERRORISTS.


Because the National Rifle Association wants everyone on the Terrorist Watch List to be able to purchase any and as many guns, assault weapons, armor-piercing bullets, 100-round ammo magazines whose only purpose is for war and for the killing of mass amounts of human beings.

So, be aware. The Republican members of Congress have voted over and over.

And it is clear that now Republicans are representing ONLY the RIGHTS OF TERRORISTS.


Ask YOUR Congressman: Why did you vote to allow terrorists to buy guns?

No excuses, no wavering over the “imprecise” list of terrorists.

Who exactly do you NOT want to allow to buy a gun?


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