Media’s “Sky Is Falling!” Brexit Reaction: Who’s Side Are You On?

Scanning the entire media’s very negative reaction to Britain’s Brexit vote it is natural for the public to ask: Just who’s side are you on?

Is it wrong for British voters to react negatively when their government has relinquished their immigration and border controls to the EU?

Americans need to ask: If the United States decided to open its borders, immigration and trade to Mexico, Columbia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica…how do you think Americans would react? Essentially, that is what the EU is. A Free-Trade, free-movement zone among European nations who supposedly share common borders and common goals and values.

And it has reached a point where a simple majority of British citizens have decided that that agreement – negotiated decades ago under different social and economic conditions – has deteriorated and is detrimental to the well-being of their country.

The sky is not going to fall after the Brexit vote. In fact, conditions were built in to the EU agreement that allowed the orderly exit of Britain if they chose to do so.


The EU is a contractual trade group of countries. British citizens have just decided – like hundreds of other countries – that the EU no longer represents their interests.

We wonder why all the US media, knowing that US citizens would never give up their rights to such a disorganized group like the EU, are damning the British citizens who have just voted that way.


PS: And just for another scare factor, much of the US media is playing up British fringe politician Nigel Farage as a “big winner” with the Brexit vote.

That’s about as relevant as saying Rush Limbaugh has suddenly become a US spokesman ever since Donald Trump got the GOP nomination.


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