Rachel Maddow’s Cat Dies Nine Lives Before She Ever Makes Her Point About Brexit

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is touted as their tentpole journalist.

This is a joke.

On Friday night it took 15 minutes before Maddow ever got to the point that her program was about Britain’s Brexit vote.

And she got it all wrong.

Maddow set up her entire segment with Turkish genocide(!), WWI, WWII and then she brought out…Winston Churchill as a proponent of a European Union because if they didn’t forge a union they would destroy each other in a war.

Well, Maddow, the EU is about economics. It has nothing to do with Winston’s 1946 worries about internecine European wars. The EU has always been about – economics.

But facts never seem to get in the way of Rachel Maddow’s throw-it-on-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks program.

And Maddow’s slanted scare-tactic show basically was making the point that British voters – at least 51% of them –  were motivated by reactionary, right wing politics.

How about making the point that the British were simply voting for the right of self-determination?

You know. Like everyone in the United States has.

Because, if you or Rachel Maddow ever thought about it, the people of the United States would NEVER have voted to join an economic union like the EU if it meant giving up their rights like British citizens have.

Any American reading this need only read the EU charter. Then decide for themselves if they would agree to accede their rights to another governing body that they have not duly elected.

Well, Rachel Maddow and many others are telling the British they are WRONG for wanting to take back their rights.

Isn’t that exactly what we don’t want pontificating journalists from the Left or the Right doing?


Maddow then went on to pronounce over and over that Friday’s international monetary and financial market downswings were End of the World stuff.

Uh, huh.

The MSNBC Braintrust strikes again.

The markets will adjust. And Maddow will still be sitting at her desk pontificating like a wobbly brunette-haired Q-tip.


And someone remind Maddow that when the EU admitted Greece – and has now spent the past decade dealing with $Trillions and $Trillions of Euros just to keep that financial fiasco of a country afloat – THAT’S when the people of Britain got a clue that it was time to get the Brexit out of the EU.


Of course, over on Fox the whole Brexit thing is being shadowed as a victory against ISIS.




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