Wimbledon Champ Bartoli Is Sick Anorexic, But HuffPost Thinks It’s Beautiful Self-Expression

We’ve always loved tennis great Marion Bartoli. We loved her intelligence. We loved her intense focus on the court. And we loved it even more when she won the Wimbledon title in 2013.

When she suddenly retired after that win everyone was surprised.

Now we’re shocked and surprised to see the recent pictures of her that show a clearly sick, anorexic and unhealthy Bartoli who very much needs some help.



What could be worse?

Many in the British press – including supposed feminists – are calling any concern over Bartoli’s condition “sexist” and throwing down the full weight of their damning gauntlets of condemnation toward any who see danger in Bartoli’s anorexic state.

The Huffington Post’s UK supposed “lifestyle” opinion-maker has the gall to give Bartoli a “You Go Girl!” thumbs up.

In fact, that HuffPost writer somehow brings her twisted intellect around to calling it “body-shaming” when fans show concern over Bartoli’s physical condition. She says:

“Let’s get one thing straight, if you write a tweet about someone’s physique, no matter what their shape or size, it’s not a sign of you showing your concern about their health or wellbeing.

It’s body-shaming, it’s dangerous and it needs to stop.”

– Rachel Moss (UK’s HuffPost)

Under such logic streams, this shrink-brained HuffPost writer Moss would see a junkie in the gutter  injecting smack in their veins, smile wistfully, and congratulate said addict on their alternate “lifestyle choice.”


Americans should know that British women have taken the strangely impolitic issue of  “body-shaming” and elevated it to the same level as murder and genocide.

It should be pointed out that the newly elected mayor of London just banned posters of women in bikinis in public transport areas of the city because images of women in bikinis were deemed body-shaming by their very nature.

(Many men thought posters of David Beckham should be banned because they felt body-shamed in the face of Beckham’s physique. Yes, they had a valid point.)

Yes. This body-shaming thing is a contrived issue created out of the newly-minted perceived slights of those who can see no farther than their own navels, those who forever are looking for the slings and arrows tossed their way that hurt their feelings and keep them from developing into whole human beings.

That is, spoiled coddled brats.


Marion Bartoli, we hope you regain your center and your health. During your career there were those who doubted your talents – and those cruel ones who critisized your looks. But there were millions more who always loved and supported you, and still do.



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