Sacramento Violence: Neo-Nazis vs Neo-Anarchists – Both Stupid Juvenalia

Sunday in Sacramento a small group of Neo-Nazi’s attempted to legally stand around California’s Capitol Building and spout stupid slogans.

They were over-run by a much larger group of black-hooded Neo-Anarchists who started swinging clubs, beat up on some KCRA camera crew members while screaming “no pictures” and apparently ended up on the worse end of it with lots of stab wounds inflicted by the ugly Neo-Nazi’s. No one said Nazi’s were nice.

In one picture featured on numerous web sites one protester – a “good?” one – with Guy Fawkes mask askew, knealt beside a stabbed and bleeding man.

Yes, all those teens so fascinated by 2006’s dystopian “V For Vendetta” ran out and bought Fawkes masks, stopped voting and started believing in every conspiracy theory and that they could solve all their perceived problems through violence.

Sounds like parenting issues to us.

Just like all those little boys who believe in Adolf Hitler and his whack ways.


It happened down in San Diego at the Trump gathering when rioting hooligans took that event as an excuse to exercise mob rule.

Who’s the better? Who’s the worse? Donald Trump’s ideals or juvenile delinquent mob rule?

They’re equals.


Ask the Southern Poverty Law Center. They’ve been tracking dangerous, racist organizations for decades. They use information and the law to battle against ignorant racists and their networks.


The leader of the Neo-Anarchist group said they scored a victory in Sacramento on Sunday.

We didn’t see a victory. We saw thugs. Thugs with clubs who had the gall to attack TV cameras because they were scared others would see their reprehensible behavior.

And if they think violence solves problems – well, so did the Nazi’s.


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